FARANUTS and Covid-19 effects on supply chain management

• the COVID-19 has almost affected all countries, especially the food sector since food is a way of transmitting the virus. But are precautionary measures should be taken by foodstuff suppliers around the world to assure healthy supply chain management. We at FARANUTS has taken serious actions based on the planning our quality control unit devised with the help of the ministry of health and third party experts to assure our customers about the supply chain safety which will be explained below.

• Since all our raw materials are from Iran we have our consistent observation on the farms and kept our interactions with farmers at a high level to implement the new safety guidelines for preventing the contamination. Suspending our cooperation with several logistics companies and selecting one as the only logistics company that is responsible for all our shipments on land with a regular basis check on their trip history.

• We designed a supply chain safety model based on the pattern and data we had and we rescheduled the processing of the raw material in different sites within safety measures taken by our agent and the third party food safety inspection company. All processing factories are obliged to provide the worker’s health test reports and during the processing time, there will be a consistent check on products. These procedures will prolong the lead time over 30 percent.

• According to the reports COVID-19 transmits mostly by a human to human and not the imported goods since the virus dies within 6-12 hours on surfaces, however, the fumigation process happens again at the warehouse before every shipment and there will be a double check at origin border and a health certificate will be issued.

• According to the reports, there are problems with logistic service providers in some European countries especially Italy, and most trucks who have been there can get return permission, so we strongly recommend to our customers to check their stock and forecast the next 2 months and share their opinion with us to provide the best solutions.

You can read more about COVID-19 on W.H.O link below:


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