Placing an order during the Dates harvest time.

Date harvest time

As we are getting close to the end of summer most businesses in the Dates and Dried fruits industry asks more about the procedure of ordering Dates during the harvest time. in previous articles, we explained the reason for buying Dates during harvest this now we provide complimentary for whom this type of purchase is good and when is the best time for taking action.

Who should buy during harvest season? why and when?

Normally those importers who have a consistent sale to different buyers are the best type for choosing this type of purchase, this includes Dates suppliers who have contracts with supermarkets.

What benefits you will get from buying Dates during the Harvest time?

There are many advantages of buying Date during the harvest which is listed in brief:

  • 15-20 percent lower cost
  • Availability of high-quality Dates
  • Customized and private label packaging
  • Opportunity to make long term contracts with chain stores
  • Safety and consistency of supply
  • Storage services at the origin

The time of harvest is at the end of September but one of the great advantages of buying Dates during harvest is making private label packaging, summer is the busiest time for packaging companies therefore designing and making the packs will take up to two months. So we suggest making your decision now if you are interested in having your own brand Dates.

There are available packaging options for different types of Dates in different weights

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