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green peeled pistachio introduction

What is Blanched Pistachio?

What is Blanched pistachio, how it’s made, and where can you find it, in this blog post you will read everything necessary about blanched Pistachios.

Pistachio green kernel is a processed product from unripe pistachios, farmers start to harvest these unripe pistachios sooner than the harvest season making them look greener.

Peeled pistachio grades and colors.

The raw material that is processed for making blanched pistachios has 2 layers of skin and no one knows what is the color inside until it is peeled. generally, it can be divided into 7 grades starting from dark green to light yellow.

The darker green kernels are known as higher grades and are more expensive than yellow ones.

Green peeled grade S: supper green 

Faranuts - peeled pistachio kernel
grade S
GPPK – Grade S

Green peeled grade A: dark green

Faranuts - blanched pistachio kernel
Grade A
GPPK – Grade A

Green peeled grade B: green

Faranuts - peeled pistachio kernel
grade B
GPPK – Grade B

Green peeled grade C: green with lime yellow color

Faranuts - peeled pistachio kernel
grade C
GPPK – Grade C

Green peeled grade D: more yellow and less green

Faranuts - blanched pistachio kernel
grade D
GPPK – Grade D

Green peeled grade F: broken green kernel

GPPK – Grade F (broken green)

Green peeled grade H: broken yellow kernel

GPPK -Grade H (broken yellow)

Peeled pistachio usage and application

Blanched pistachio can be used as an ingredient in many food products starting from a house made dessert or dish to big food industries. Green peeled pistachios are being used mainly in desserts and sweets as a topping which gives a unique green look to the sweet or the cake.

Also, blanched pistachios are the ice cream industry’s favorite ingredient to make pistachio ice cream.

Peeled pistachio quality

The quality of blanched pistachio depends on the freshness of the raw material and the processing time and conditions and the precision of hand sorting. Balanced pistachios are being packed in 10kg and 12.5kg vacuumed in a carton box to avoid the sunlight and they should be stored in cool and dry conditions.

Peeled pistachio price

generally, the first question that comes to mind is why blanched pistachios are so expensive?!

Well, the answer is simple and short, it needs a lot of human workforces to do the processing!

Blanched pistachios are so delicate and easy to break and it needs to be done by hand to minimize the broken kernels, all the grading and color sorting for green peeled pistachio is being done by hand!

Pesticide guaranty blanched pistachios in Europe:

Green peeled pistachios are one of the most expensive pistachio side products of pistachios and they are mainly used in high-value food products, therefore many buyers are looking for safe products without Aflatoxin and pesticide levels within Europe standards.

We are glad to say in FARANUTS we supply and support our partners with pesticide guaranty balanced pistachios to freely make safe products. taking care of human health and our environment is our ultimate goal for us.

If you have any inquiries or questions about Blanched Pistachio, please write to us:

we would be glad to answer your questions.

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