Everything you need to know about Mazafati Dates.

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Mazafati Date price in Iran

When it comes to a popular product like Mazafati Dates it mean the competition is very high and accordingly the Mazafati price has become important in all regards. Mazafati dates like all other Iranian Dates does not have a fixed price but fortunately, Mazafati date has a very reasonable price among other dates from different countries.

How much is the price of Mazafati Dates?

Every season prices are changing because of different items but normally this product has a price range of 1 – 1.5 USD depending on the quality, quantity, packaging, etc.

Mazafati Dates price in India

Since India is one of the main buyers of Iranian Mazafati dates it’s the price is very important to them normally you can find Iranian Suppliers in India selling Mazafati dates at medium to high prices but finally buying from the source has some advantages. generally, Indians importers ask for mid-quality Dates which have a very acceptable and reasonable price.

What items affect the Mazafati wholesale price

There are many items that affect the market but the most important of them is the time you are buying, the packaging quality and the Mazafati dates, the quantity, and logistic cost which are changing constantly.

How good quality Mazafati Dates look like?

When you are buying Iranian dates you should pay attention to the standard packaging weight, it should be between 600-700 gr which means the moisture and syrup in it as normal and acceptable. When the weight goes up to 700 grams it may cause some problems during the delivery.

Storge conditions af Mazafati Date

Since Mazafati dates considered fresh Dates they should be kept in a cold and dry place, the temperature should be below 8 centigrade degrees.

Where is the origin of Mazafati Dates?

Mazafati dates are produced only in Iran and the best quality is from Bam city in Kerman province, but recently some other neighboring cities like Jiroft and other cities have improved their production quality.

What is the packaging of Iranian Mazafati Dates?

Regarding the packaging, there is a standard packaging which more than 90 percent of Iranian Dates being exported in those packs but at Faranuts we strongly recommend our customers to change the packaging to more beautiful paper or plastic packs which can help them to sell at a better price and also it is more hygienic and looks much better at the shelves

Private label packaging with your own brand

At Faranuts we offer paper and plastic packaging with customized designing from 250-700 gr packaging suitable for all markets. For more information regarding the private labels, you can contact our experts at any time on email or WhatsApp.

Main box of Iranian Dates?

Well depending on the bulk or retail packs it varies, but the standard main box includes 12 pcs of 600-700 gr packs which will be around 7- 8 kg in total.

The logistic conditions of Mazafati Dates

the Mazafati dates logistic solution depends on the destination country and the time of the delivery if it is happening during the autumn and winter it is okay to send with the normal truck but after February it is recommended to send by refrigerated truck. And for the seaway, it is strongly recommended to send via refrigerated container.

Are Mazafati dates good for making value-added products?

This type of date has a soft and fleshy texture and touching and repacking can damage its form and it is recommended to use other types of Iranian Dates for making side products.

Which markets are good for Mazafati Dates?

Almost 80 percent of Iranian Mazafati Dates are being exported to India, UAE for re-export Russia and CIS countries and Turkey. Also, Malaysia and Indonesia import large amounts of Iranian Dates for Holy Ramadan.

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