Pistachio supplier in Europe

Pistachio distribution in Europe

Pistachio products are being distributed a wide network in Europe with many ports of entry and many destinations in the EU which today we will name some of the most important cities.

In general, Pistachio is going through different sales channels and segments such as wholesalers, distributors, retailers, ingredient suppliers, packers, and processors. All these different segments have different needs and requests regarding quantity, packaging, quality of pistachio, and price.

In this article, we will explain how the pistachio distribution network is working in Europe.

Ports and entries of pistachio in Europe.

There are some ports in Europe with the most entry of pistachios in Europe, Hamburg, Valencia, Antwerp Rotterdam and ports of Italy are among the most entry ports of Europe for pistachio and pistachio kernel, also Italy is the main intra-Europe importer of pistachio kernel for using in the sweet industry with over %30 of intra-Europe import share

Pistachio suppliers in Hamburg.

Germany is known as one of the main importers of Nuts and Dried Fruits in Europe and in Germany, Hamburg is the hub of Nuts and dried fruits. Most importers and suppliers of pistachio in Europe have established their facilities and storage in Hamburg in order to facilitate the clearance, storage, and shipping to other locations. We at Faranuts supply our partners from storage in different spots in the EU including Hamburg, Spain, and Antwerp for faster delivery and accessibility.

Whole kernel, green peeled kernel, and in-shell pistachio in different sizes are among our product range available in Europe.

Pistachio kernel supplier in Hamburg.

Some of the end-users of pistachio kernels are businesses who need this product as an ingredient such as bakeries and confectionaries, ice cream producers and, food services, and most of them are not able to store big volumes of pistachio kernels due to lack of space in their storage, because of this problem they prefer to find distributors who can supply them with low quantities of pistachio kernel alongside other ingredients.

we at Faranuts try to supply our clients and distributors with palletized pistachio kernel in low quantities to make it possible for all businesses to get supplied directly from the source.

Aflatoxin guaranteed pistachio in Europe

One of the main challenges of importers of pistachio is the Aflatoxin problem and we understand how big this risk is when the products arrive at the ports of Europe, hence we add custom-cleared pistachio to our services to make our clients sure about our health of the Pistachio. all our products in Europe are aflatoxin guaranteed, custom cleared and ready for prompt shipment.