What is Pistachio?

Pistachio is a small tree whose origin is the Middle East and Central Asia and has been growing in countries like Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, and the west of Afghanistan. This tree produces edible and extremely delicious fruit. Pistachio is a Persian word that has been entered European languages. Akbari pistachio is one of the well-known pistachio species which is referred to as the super long pistachio in the international market as one of the most significant pistachio types in the trading field and Iran is its only producer. This kind of pistachio has been harvested in Rafsanjan, Neyriz, and Anaar cities.

Characteristics of Pistachio

Pistachio is full of copper, magnesium, and B group vitamin which are important for improving the body’s immune system as well as preventing a variety of diseases. B6 vitamin is essential for the preservation of the immune system. Lack of B6 vitamin leads to immune system disorder which can result in infection. Pistachios help the body to produce red blood cells and also one of the best sources of Potassium. Although the small size, the containing amount of potassium is equal to an Orange, and also it is a good source of Iron which prevents Anaemia.

Production of pistachio

Iran and the USA are two main countries in the field of pistachio production and export around the world as they have possessed approximately seventy up to eighty percent of their annual production.

Production of pistachio in Iran in 2017 was equal to 574,987 tonnes which has upgraded Iran’s rank up to first grade. After Iran, the USA is in the second grade by producing 272,291 tones and China is in the third grade by producing 95,294 tones.

Pistachio duplicating manner

Planting seed and rising seedling are the common methods of pistachio duplicating and usually, after a couple of years, the suitable kind of pistachio is available via cutting the head and crossbreeding. Duplicating plant tissue is another pistachio’s duplicating Method that is very limited.

Consumption of pistachio

Consumption of Raw or roasted pistachios is very common as snacks all around the world. Pistachio is also consumed in special ice creams or to produce pistachio Paste. There are various kinds of pistachio chocolate or biscuit. In some countries such as the USA, raw pistachio is consumed in some kind of salad and it is also sold

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