when to import Mazafati Dates

Dates harvest time

Why buying Mazafati Dates at the beginning of the harvest?

This article will be definitely useful for those business partners and Date importers who are in the Dates industry or want to enter this industry, three most common questions I’ve been hearing during the last 10 years are Dates in bulk or consumer packs? When is the best time for importing Mazafati Dates.

Well like almost all other commodities and agricultural products, harvest time is a golden time in the supply chain. This is certainly valid for those who are working on big quantities and if you are a one container customer it’s at least good for your future.

Buying a certain amount of Dates during the harvest season has multiple benefits for a business owner which I will explain briefly.

Sometimes we hear from some partners in different countries that there are Dates in our market that there are lower prices available in our market what is the reason? well if you see a local supplier has some advantages over you like better quality, lower prices, or even better packaging, the only reason is they were aware of buying at the harvest time.

Advantages of buying Mazafati Dates during the harvest time

First, the availability of good quality raw material

First, the availability of good quality raw material, means even if you need thousands of tons of Dates it is available and you can buy big quantities with the same quality without a serious problem and just focus on marketing and sales planning for the rest of your time during the year. This will also unlock the opportunity for you to sign a long-term contract of supply with big supermarkets during a year.

Second, the lower cost price of the Date

one of the most important benefits of buying during the harvest season is the lower cost price which is normally 15-20 percent lower

Third, packaging of the Dates

The other great benefit of buying Mazafati dates at the harvest time is the packaging which you can do with your own style and brand on private label, in my opinion, this one has the greatest value in a distribution, what is better than having your own brand with a perfect quality product and packaging.

We are currently supplying private label products for many customers in different locations like India, CIS, and GCC and we know that they are selling the branded products much better with more profit than other competitors. Nowadays supplying your market with your own brand is a great advantage but a little challenging, we try to reduce all those challenges by providing services like printing and packaging and making private-label Dates in our own facilities alongside the cold storage dedicated to you. We also offer the best logistics solutions which suit your business and help you to achieve your business goals.

In this case, you will have a certain amount of Dates with your own brand ready for shipment in our store without any additional warehousing charges. What could be better?

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